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The colour psychology in website designing

12 Oct , 2015  

Would Coca-Cola have dominated the soft drink industry if the Brand was smeared with a colour other than red? Probably Not! This medicine-turned-soft-drink company played on its wits and got the colour that defined its propitious destiny. Researchers say Coca-cola’s deep red theme is perfect to send out the message of an energy boosting caffeinated drink to the public. The intelligence just paid off.

Web Design: Where design takes a tryst with psychology

Colours can make a great difference in playing with customer perception on your Brand image. Web designers have mastered the perception psychology and had been doing the same since long. It’s no longer a brainer to cloy emotions underneath a design to tap visitor attention. This is the reason why web designing and marketing go hand in hand just like the proverb “Peas in Pod”.

One empirical study held in 2011 at Academy of Marketing Science (led by Labrecque and Milne) suggested few powerful facts on the relation between colours and marketing. Here’s a power-packed check list evolved out of the study:

#1. White, pink and yellow tend to soothe and impart an unruffled sense

Three major colours intended to calm human stresses are white, pink and yellow. The calming effect of these three colours weren’t only Labrecque and Milne’s finding but believed to have been discovered since time immemorial. While white exudes out purity, peace and clarity, yellow tends to impart a feel of sincerity concocted with happiness and optimism. Pink has a more superior dominance over the two with a hint of nurturing and warmth on human brain.

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These reasons are enough to drive the success of crowdfunding websites like Gofundme.com and Indiegogo.com.

#2. Red and orange stand for energy and excitement.

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There’s a link between high energy and excitement running through the body when one sees red, orange or deep yellow. These colours have higher wavelength that tend to boost excitement in human brains. While Red rules the stimulating psychology, orange and deep yellow follow the suite.

#3. Blue and brown intrigues competence


If drawing customer trust and competence are your primary objectives, then blue is your ticket. Brown also exudes out similar emotions of reliability and significance, when both packed in one – it gives out the best professional vibe a website can give.

Consider the website design of Caissa. This public strategy firm knows well how to tap sense of gravity and reliability. The management says, blue and brown are their chosen colours considering it sends out a clear message of loyalty and trust to customers.

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#4. Saturated colours depict ruggedness and strength

One of major Labrecque and Milne’s findings were that strength and ruggedness were best conveyed with colours that touched the saturated points on colour scale. These colours elicit the sense of power, dominance and leadership. This is the most probable factor as to why logos are always smeared with saturated colours so that they make a prolonged effect on human memory and dominate purchase decision quite often.

Web designing is an art which can make or break a company. Designers should know the colours best suited for their product. For example any garment brand should have an appeasing colour that imparts a calming effect. A calmed mind will better decide on which product to purchase. But if you are a pub owner and trying to convey your audience that your pub is where the customers can lift their mood instantly, you better go with colours that exude out excitement, energy and happiness.

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