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6 top intriguingly interesting wordpress websites – you will vouch for!

24 Oct , 2015  

The ones eminent blogging tool is now world’s favourite CMS. WordPress, the favourite CMS for teeming millions in the world is now entertaining people with raining cats and dogs.

Here are top ten most exquisite sites that can leave you mesmerised and soaked in ecstasy.

This is your Kingdom: 

wordpress web design

This is a one-of-a-kind website helping visitors to find the latest and upcoming happenings in your locality. Simple and intuitive – this is what drives this site to be our pick number 1.

Designed and developed by Katie Marcus and Kim Lawler, it is efficient in managing content seamlessly. The site is easily customizable and allows editors to make it more stunning each passing day enticing people from all over the world everyday.

The site is efficient at performing wide range of activities and does a great job at making the site gripping, appealing and stunning without being just a niche performer.

Travel Portland 

wordpress websites

Travel Portland is designed to cater to the needs of people visiting Portland. They can plan their trip and get awareness over the upcoming programs in the city. The design is clean and explanative with umpteen of images portraying Portland Experiences.

This Zurb’s foundation framework uses a customized responsive theme on WordPress. Third party API has been extensively used that includes Weather underground, MapBox, Storify and Choose culture.

MaxMind’s geo-location that is used here enables the user to customize content on homepage contingent to the location of the user. This helps natives and the visitors to the city plan their tour accordingly.

Worry Free Labs 

wordpress website design

Isn’t the name exciting enough? The lab is based in New York that boasts itself to be the builder of one of the most remarkable mobiles experiences. And that’s all the site is about!

The website has made extensive use of HTML5 where lovely hints to the mobile technology are just appealing. Browsing on mobile is a wonderful experience with Worry Free Labs. The easy sliding, animations, automated reveal on scroll sides, swipe to send button are some of its most striking and innovative features.

Great Lengths Hair

wordpress website designing

This fully responsive website knows how to play with hair and money both! Based in Leeds, this website makes use of several javascripts techniques and framework that leads to infinite loading. The Masonry Library is used for positioning of social elements depending on the page width.

Toronto Standard 

wordpress web development

Digital Agency Playground designed this stunningly beautiful website that uses HTML5 and CSS3. This allowed them to recreate the magic of dynamic grids that seamlessly fit.

The backend is completely based on WordPress so that the user has easy access to any customizable properties on the web.


This website provides strategic design thinking and executes to meet challenges for Fortune 500 companies since 30 years. The site has a voluminous traffic coming from tablet and mobile. Responsive framework like BootStrap and easy to use tool, WordPress makes this site a commendably saleable site!

The HomePage features extensive use of  imagery to showcase the portfolio of reputed clients in the line. The images are optimized for Retina screens resulting in fast loading web pages. Though its too crunchy to handle the tricks between high-qulaity imagery and fast loading time, Little did it too well urging us to list it in our favourite picks.

Schyora Technology excels in designing websites that are simple, intuitive and attention grabbing. No matter how challenging the project is, we strive to deliver a stunning website that appeals to eyes and etches to the memory for long. Join us and witness a traffic volume spiking up every single day.

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