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Trending web design and development of 2015

26 Aug , 2015  

Previous year web designs wasn’t too able to kick the bucket however, there were much experiments with colours, topography pictures and illustration. With the onset of 2015, web design and development companies embarked on a staggering mission to create dynamic and compelling designs for the businesses.
Designers are also into a constant regimen to blend tried-and-tested methodologies with the most creative and innovative set of designs. Here are five exclusive web design patters that are all rage till the half way of 2015.

Split Screens:

A vertically divided screen designed to display two elements – Split Screens are meant to solve two purposes:
The business has two products or services to promote which are of equal importance and allows the user to select one from the two.
The business might want to promote its niche on side of the screen and display its latest photos of events or achievements on the other.

web design companies
This split screen design upholds the message of the company to its customers in a very unique way – concocting motion and emotion in the best ever way possible!
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Pizzaria’s Napoletana’s idea to promote Brand name and its products is just unique!

Block Grids:

Here the website is divided into blocks of grids. The blocks are of same size and different lies exclusively with designer’s discretion. These designs are basically applied on the home page though can be applied somewhere on the other page to make the website more intuitive. The websites are however made responsive enough to serve a big screen of a desktop or a small screen of a mobile.

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Check out how the home page is designed into grids to make all the more luring on each pixel!
web development companies
‘Greats’ had a beautiful idea to display its products on a grid layout to let the customer compare each product visually and let them go impulsive for buying.

No Chrome Effect:

Take a look at the vintage cars and you will notice that all its rear and fronts are emboldened enough to draw a viewer’s entire attention only to those features. That alludes to chrome. Today the term Chrome is referred to a web design that encases containers, headers, footers and borders on a single page. Designers believe that this might distract user attention from the focal point of the web design – the Brand message, services and product information.
Eliminating all those features from the web page will render a nice clean effect that will draw user attention the details that the Brand wants to convey!
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Simple and intuitive Braun web page is just as sleek as its product – ever ready to make the visitor go crazy!
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Bold enough to shout the message!

Single Screen Layouts:

Some are just timeless beauties! The single screen web design throws a feel of a television screen attracting eyes with eye-popping single pictures and emboldened taglines. Again, the absence of Chrome features and the clean design is an added benefit to elicit eye-popping interest!
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Creative and innovative images with just a company logo can knock you into a state of being a pervaded customer!

Huge backgrounds/ Parallax web designs:

A last trend pattern is in the utilization of huge backgrounds that can set the tone and disposition of the site. If there are other features inevitable to be mentioned on one webpage, then the centre element must be given minimalistic strokes; in any case, a more moderate background will bolster busier centre and frontal area components.
web designing companiesYes, GET READY TO ENGAGE!!
web design companies
Rocks and snow on the background gives profound foundation to the messages and features on the foreground!
So, web design and development is a continuous process of evolution. Ones needs to have an alertness towards the changing patterns and adopt them to comply with the evolving web design market. At Schyora Technology Pvt Ltd, we take care of the ever evolving scenario and keep you updated with some of those.
So, for the best and trendy web design and development services, you are excused with no choices but Schyora Technology Pvt Ltd!

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