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iOS Trends 2015 – Bolster Technology Ahead!!

15 Sep , 2015  

With more than 1.4 million apps inside App Store right now, Apple really has got reasons to brag. A head to head competition between android and apple is an extra boost and most probably that’s the reason why each of the giants are heading fast to create something innovative, something unusual and productive. However, Apple stole away the limelight early this year by releasing is ambitious Apple Watch. Let’s have a glance through the raging Apple trends this year.

But before we start on to this, let’s have a look on the Android – Apple Contention: Who’s buzzing this year?

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No doubt, Android is the market player with above 84% market share. But, ironically, Apple is the one that’s goes thick and thin to draw the major developer’s revenue, may be because it shares only 20% of market share or maybe because Android is low-end as compared to IOS. Critics however, credit Apple’s dominating share in developer’s revenue because of its frequent updates on iOS.

However, the scenario is again taken a facelift this year. Google has shifted the functionality to Google Play from its core OS. It has also taken steps to unite the Android version splits. Further, Google is shifting towards cloud application by combining web application with rich desktop UI experience.

In contrast, Apple continues to out-innovate Android. The killer release of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with the combining of iOS 8 with OS X Yosemite made 2014 a happening and promising year for the company. The innovation continues to buzz the market this year too with technologies like Apple Watch already trending in the air. Watch out for the latest iPad and iPhone updates as Apple is all set to elicit brightest smile on fans face.

Major iOS App Development 2015: the anticipation begins

With Apple Watch released early this year, developers are all set to create apps for iPhone, iPads and their wearable siblings. With speculations still swirling in the market, it is however quite clear that Apple wearable will not be a standalone device. iPhone empower major iOS apps in Apple Store. This is indicative of the fact that developers will only need to extend the app functionality to wearable without creating apps explicitly!

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The wearable which earlier was confined to only health and fitness is now likely to expand its realms to enterprises too to increase efficiency and productivity! And also, there are speculations that the next generation Apple TV will be empowered with full featured Apple Store. However, that’s a big leap and developers need to shift their focuses on wearable from iPhones and iPads.

App Security: stand the test

Gartner predicts that 75% of current mobile app will come up short in 2015 because of essential security tests. One central point that application engineers need to stand firm against is security dangers. Mobile application misconfigurations can create different security issues and this is a noteworthy worry as cell phone and tablet clients are progressively moving their own and business information into these gadgets.

Mobile computing is a daily activity. This holds particularly true for enterprises too; thusly, it is just typical that they will expect better efforts to establish safety for ensuring their basic business information. The programmers are posing genuine dangers – in the most recent year alone, we have seen significant hacking dangers to companies, and they will just keep abusing security holes in portable applications. To ensure clients’ delicate data, designers need to make a few genuine strides towards improved iOS application security to give better hazard confirmation.

Beacon and GPS based Wi-Fi

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The beacon technology is a Gen Y innovation – blurring the lines between online and offline accessibility between advertising and major retail sector. And, Apple is pioneer in the promotion of this technology. The iBeacon technology enables location services in its all iOS services. The technology is expected to make a significant change on geo-fencing. The major retail establishments like airports, museums and sport arenas are gradually making use of this technology to interact and share information via Apple devices.

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