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Future of Mobile Apps: A futuristic technology awaits!

8 Oct , 2015  

People now-a-days use mobile apps for ordering pizza, playing games, order ride, climate updates, social media communication, and so on…When people have smart phones in their grasp, they have answer to every query on their fingertips.

Mobile application advancement is a fast developing industry. As the number of smart phones is burgeoning, organizations are creating innovative mobile apps to draw in the intended interest group.

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Apps are so designed that it perfectly fits the businesses of all sizes. You can without much of a stretch keep the customers connected with and intrigued when you utilize mobile apps for business.

Cross platform mobile apps are the need to time. Whether the client is an Android owner or Apple owner, he can get to your application and use it. You can achieve a bigger gathering of people when you decide on cross platform mobile app development.

The crevice between the clients and entrepreneurs gets reduced when organizations create mobile apps to support their deals. As mobile applications gift organizations with a few points of interest, mobile apps should be developed in a way to deliver results faster and more efficiently.

Here are two mobile app trends that are highly anticipated and expected to make a thundering entry the very next year.

Web 2.0 for mobile apps transforms from Pull to Push:

mobile apps

The web has served to our core requirement since two decades and continues to do the same. The current web technology is “pull” based which applies to mobile technology too. This means now we need to search for our need throughout the web and pull contents from it. But, considering the upcoming instant gratification of society, the Google-esque fanatic is soon going to die out in few years. Then we will not find contents but the contents will find us…That’s the Push technology.

Just like Facebook, Flipboard and other social networking sites push contents on our profile, the future mobile apps will be Push based. So, interestingly, Nike will let us know it’s time to replace the old rugged shoe and the Hyatt will offer rooms for stay if your flight has delayed or you missed one.

Intelligent Ads Retargeting:

Ads Retargeting is sometimes annoying. Your mobile screen now gets legitimately colonized with products you recently looked for. Maybe you looked for the products for your friends but the retargeting concept stalks you wherever you go. New intelligent ad retargeting will know whether you are really interested in the product or you came across to kill your time or gave a serious drool only for your friend.

Future of mobile web apps is intelligent ad retargeting. Only those ads will make a show on your apps whose products you are really interested in.


Future of Mobile app development is expected to transform and suffice the next generation leaps and bounds. Though the technology is still giving us beautiful experience all the while, the future is expected to be earth shattering, awe inspiring and jaw dropping!! Businesses will find new prospects and customers will explore new interests. There’s more to add to the dimension. All we need to anticipate and bootstrap for the NEXT BIG BOOM!!

Ready for the change?

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