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4 reasons why cross-platform mobile apps are better than native apps

4 Dec , 2015  

Let’s backtrack ourselves by an hour. Or, may be by few minutes. Or, more precisely let’s go past few seconds – what were you doing? Most of you will say you were tapping on your phone screen. Even now, most you will be reading this piece of article via your mobile app.

The ubiquitous presence of mobile apps is evident from the fact that of 52% time being spent on mobile device, a whopping 89% is spent on mobile apps. This, has a clear implication – your business needs a mobile app NOW!

But do you really know how to go for it? Most of the budding businesses and even Brands will bail out saying they are doing good even without apps. But, survey says cross platform mobile apps have shown newer heights in ‘outreaching to customer’ statistics. Again, like any other entity on earth, cross platform apps do have their own share of disadvantages but the few advantages that it possesses clouds up the disadvantages.

There are two distinct types of cross platform mobile app technology:

Mobile Web apps

 These are websites coded in HTML5 and are not apps intrinsically.  They can be operated on smart phones, desktops or tabs. In fact, because they are browser independent, they can run on any OS – Windows, Android, iOS etc… With gradual progression in the field, the lines between regular websites and mobile based websites are becoming blur. But to the inference it is likely to be mentioned that they cannot be stored in app store.

Hybrid Apps 

Hybrid apps – the name suggests are combination of both web apps and native apps. It runs as if it is been run in a browser, however, the browser here remains embedded. It is a compilation of native app shells and mobile websites for all platforms. These too are coded in HTML5 with an advantage of reusability in various mobile OS. And, finally they are stored in mobile app stores.

So, these are the two important cross-platform mobile apps you have as of now. Let’s see why they are damn popular and why YOU should have one.

Save on development, testing and maintenance cost:

 Let’s take a practical look on it. Suppose you are developing native apps for three different platforms – Windows, Android and iOS.

You will require three different coding team to built one single app. For Android you will need Java, iOS – Swift and C, Windows – C#.

This will shoot up your expense and time both! Now, these are the TWO most important assets you will want to save.  Now consider developing a cross platform app.

You will require only one code to built apps for multiple platforms. Plus, since there is one code, you will have one testing team employed to do the job. Also, because they is single code based, they are easy to maintain in comparison to 3 or 4 code based applications.

Consistent look on all platforms 

This is where cross platform mobile apps bowls out native apps the market. Because you write one code for one app for multiple platforms, the design in this case will be ONE FOR ALL.

You will not want you apps to look alien when the user suddenly shifts from one OS to another, right? More over, this gives a visual Brand identity to your apps.

Low technological check-posts

As said earlier, each native app will require different coding experts for different platforms, you know where the road takes. Further to this, Java and C are most difficult codes to get you trapped in complexities in every line, HTML5 is easy to write and easy to deploy. Also, this gives you more control over the app development as you are taking care of one code base only!

Wider Reach 

Oh, and there you go – what’s the reason you have opted for an app? Wider Reach, right? Cross platform mobile apps have you covered. You have developed one app and that is now easily accessed by audience world over whether they have iOS, blackberry, Windows or Android.

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