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9 killer Android Apps you never want to miss this season!

5 Sep , 2015  

Those crazy lot who know nothing but only finger technology, would be happy to learn the below listed latest Android Apps 2015. From securing your device from possible hacking to exposing your properties to the potential real estate market, the cow has jumped over the moon. So, let’s take a peek into the latest Android releases. Google Play goes even more desirable… even more adventurous!!

Stagefright Detector:

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Android apps are always high on the vulnerability meter. A month ago, a vulnerability by the name ‘Stagefright’ was detected in Android Apps which enables hacker to pass a malware through the MMS message. Ironically, the guy, Imperium, who discovered ‘Stagefright’ also developed a new app that gives you an alert on whether your mobile is exposed to possible hacking and needs to update the OS or not!

LiveText, Yahoo:

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You must have been quite acquainted with the video chats but this is unique. The latest release from Yahoo allows you to go live with ‘NO SOUND’. Text messages with live video gives you a chance to get connected with your dear ones even when you are in a meeting and you want your boss to yell on you. :)


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Not much with advanced features, but this definitely makes your day more productive, accomplished! It helps you organize your tasks in a to-do list into your calendar with a ‘day view’ that will give you some fun jerks.


Maybe the app shares its origin to iOS but this is real fun. This Android app breaks any lyrics or news into line by line annotations. It helps you search through high annotations and low annotations throughout the lyrics. But sadly, it does not allow you to edit!! Errrrr…. But however, that’s fun and useful for those who improve their music skills.

Microsoft Translator:

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Pretty obvious by the name – it translates your voice or text in more than 50 different languages. And, it comes inbuilt with Android Wear making it far trendier in the line of apps.


Snowball app in Google Play has already become a hit! Enabling you to give a priority notification to the messages and feeds you want to see, Snowball app really helps you keep updated with what you want and reply to your friends instantly!


Planning to visit Disneyland anytime soon? Then this is your app! Know what’s the waiting time, where are your favourite Disney characters and lots more just to make your Disney trip more enjoyable!

Hello Heart:

hello heart
Keep your blood pressure on check and take your medicines on time! By integrating our e-prescription and blood pressure report into this app, you can stay updated with your current figures and gets alerts during your medicine time.


With Robinhood in your pocket, get access to your market data and quotes in real time. Buy or sell stocks without bothering on fees and financial transactions.

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