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Website designing for schools. Why the need?

29 Nov , 2015  

website devlopement for schools

Website designing have form an integral part of any business be it IT or education. Yes, you heard us right, even the education system is moving into the realms of digital technology for marketing and communication purpose. More…

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Mobile Application

Mobile apps: What’s in store for 2016

24 Nov , 2015  

Mobile App development

The emergence of “Internet of things” seems to notch up technologies to a newer height. Ruling the digital ecosystem with all honour, the mobile apps is fueling businesses with growth and sales. Not just sales, employee tracking, More…

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Web Development

CMS comparison: WordPress, Joomla and Drupal

17 Nov , 2015  

CMS development

If website building is an urgent and imperative requirement you have on the horizon, you may be pondering which content administration system (CMS) is the best decision for you. Here’s a gander at three of the most broadly utilized ones – WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Each one of the three are open-source programming, each created and maintained by a group of thousands. More…

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Software Development

3 points that will compel you to consider IT outsourcing as the best bet

12 Nov , 2015  

Consulting services

If you are small business, you know what it takes to spending? You simply cannot hire an IT professional and spend thousands of bucks for months in return of just NOTHING! Similarly, for a Brand, a strong IT support is key to more prominence and rise in the industry. More…

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Web Development

5 points to take a call on website redesigning

8 Nov , 2015  

website redesign

Do you have a marvellous website but it is failing to solve your purpose? Should you consider website redesigning? Here are few points on when to take a call.

website redesigning

Your beautiful website is not luring business anymore…

Maybe you’ve been gifted with a visually impressive website a long time back but the sheen seems to be cold these days. People are not responding, there’s no conversion or reduced conversion rate or the bounce rates have gradually increased – all are indicative to one point – your website needs a complete revamp!

Few questions that can spark a thought on this:

  • Are my Call to Action able to convert visitors into leads and then finally to customers?
  • Are my landing pages convincing enough to let the visitor dig deeper?
  • Is my website too ‘text heavy’ or contains overdoing of jargons?
  • Is my websites look and feel not aligning with my corporate image?

I am sure when you tally answers to these questions, you will find your way to redesign or move out with existing website.

Your business has taken a leap and so do your website too…

Business goals keep changing with time and so do your website needs to be changed over the time to sport your messages clearly. The advent of technology has made it quite easy and simple to make the shift faster. Use the technology advents to not only expand and improve your business but also take a call on your web redesigning. Social Media, cloud management, online reviewing, lead management systems, responsive web designs barely existed 10 years down the line. If your website dates back to that “colourless” era, you seriously are going to think on it!

Your website isn’t responsive…

More than 55% of traffic comes in from mobile phones. If your website is not cross-browser compatible, you are simply losing your ground! Great UX designs with cross browser functionality, easy loading and appealing graphics – see how traffic flocks!

Your website content has a scope to improve…

web redesigning

A fantastic content can improve everything from customer retention to SEO and with an ever changing search engine algorithm, you got to get a new content strategy. That said, quality content is meaningless unless you have a strong visibility. Redesigning your website can bring about a lot of difference to your overall customer reach and impression. With customizable websites, you are handed with an ease to change the content as and when required, just as you like!

Your third party tools are next to being useless…

When your third party tools are outdated, it’s time to redesign. It’s very important that your tools belong to the latest industry standard. Here are few queries you need to ponder upon on whether to remove old or add new tools.

  • What is the working status of these third party tools?
  • Are they slowing down your website speed?
  • Are your tools aligning with the new trends in the market?

Did any of these points stroke with your present situation? If yes, call us today. We at Schyora Technology Pvt. Ltd is a team of seasoned and passionate web designers ready to transform your website into a live business. We strive to make your business prosper and hope to grow together. Website designing and development is our forte and we promise to give you an exceedingly satisfying experience with us. Call us for a complete website revamp. Let’s take you on a business flight you always wondered to sit on!

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